Revolutionizing the Way
We Manage Properties

Whether you’re managing a cozy residential apartment, a buzzing co-working
space, or a sprawling commercial complex, Tenex provides the one-stop
solution to streamline operations and elevate tenant experiences.

Diverse Portfolio Management


From apartments to condos, ensure top-notch tenant satisfaction and maximized returns.


The best of both worlds; manage commercial and residential spaces within a single development.


Oversee office spaces with ease, ensuring they're always up to the mark for businesses.

Student Housing

Cater to the unique needs of student accommodations, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience.

Community Association

Enhance community living by ensuring all members have a voice and access to needed amenities.


From boutique shops to large-scale co-working hubs, make sure every square foot counts.

Key Feature of

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

    Simplified and intuitive dashboard offering a bird’s eye view of all properties and their performance metrics.

  • Automated Workflows

    Bid farewell to time-consuming administrative tasks with our AI-driven workflow automation.

  • Integrated Communication Tools

    Keep the dialogue flowing seamlessly between management, tenants, and maintenance teams.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Leverage the power of data to make informed decisions and spot market trends.

  • Mobile-First Design

    Manage on-the-go with our responsive and user-friendly mobile application.

Why Choose Tenex?

Scalable Solutions

Whether you're managing one property or a hundred, Tenex scales to meet your needs

Secure & Compliant

We prioritize the security of your data and ensure all processes comply with industry regulations

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is always on standby, ensuring smooth operations day and night

Custom Integrations

We understand every property is unique. Customize Tenex to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and software

Sheekha Al Hashmi

Strategy Director - Albenna Real estate

It’s not only about the solution, but rather the support and flexibility the tenex team demonstrates. The dynamics of work with the tenex team melt any boundaries and merge both sides into one big group that works towards a shared vision. Tenex team acted diligently to one of our company’s values: to act as an owner.

Mohammed Al-Faisal

Multi-property Owner

From student housing to our co-working spaces, managing diverse properties has never been easier.

Thank you, Tenex!

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